Blood People – Burn The Ships – Audio

The US grunge quartet Blood People released their eponymous EP last week.

Blood People

Blood People

With a sound-blast that buffers against the upper reaches of recording levels resulting in dampened furrows of sound, though turning your own sound system to highest levels and kicking the sub-woofers quite hard is worth doing, as for the tweeters – do what ever you like with them as they are redundant animals in the just under a quarter of an hour four tracks (available on bandcamp).

Blood People spill out music that needs to be bleeding the ears to gain maximum value as they hurl music for the mosh-pit that will find you grappling with your own shoulders if you are not in company.

Best ingested with plenty of floor space and lungs full of oxygen as Blood People launch themselves and the audience across the room – just check you have everything up to maximum and more and you are not listening to this on the whinny of an MP3 playback device before you hit play with my pick of the release – the closer Burn The Ships.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

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