Blissed – Give Me A Reason – Single Review

The English rock’n’roll quartet Blissed released the single Give Me A Reason on the 5th.



Should thoughts about music be based purely on thirty or so seconds of introductory scratchy guitar string work that simultaneously has you shouting ‘shut up’ at the bass, vocals and drums as they join in one by one after a mere five seconds on its own? Probably not – however those of longer stay will understand precisely why I was enamoured from the off with Give Me A Reason.

Afear not, I am not suggesting you turn the track off after five seconds as it just gets better through the margin under two and eleven twelfths minutes of its duration as Blissed deliver their punchy take on rock’n’roll with its referencing heading back to the ’50s conjoined with ’10s currency and it comes as no surprise they are beginning to secure traction in their local live circuit. This, their third release, to me also their strongest, will, if justice be served afford them a far wider reach.

I look forward to hearing more from Blissed in short order and if you happen to be in Leeds today they are playing at the Verve Bar and on the 18th heading to Scotland to play in Glasgow at the Buff Club I recommend changing any plans you may have previously made.

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  1. By far the best band in the world.

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