Blind Munkee – Occupy Yourself – Single Review

Always a pleasure to come back to, the Australian agit-rock band Blind Munkee recently released their latest single.

Blind Munkee - Occupy Yourself - artwork

Blind Munkee – Occupy Yourself – artwork

With their usual frenetic activity, which on the surface is party rock’n’roll, Blind Munkee always have a scant eye on the world around and Occupy Yourself is another fine example of their ability to deliver music full of theatrics and entertainment, whilst delivering a scowling message.

Skittering rap reggae is enveloped in fusillades of percussion and guitar that bounce around the room inviting the listener to demonstrate their own version of a flailing whirling-dervish dance whilst the scathing lyrics reflect on a world in which mawkish self-congratulation, satiating ‘group-think’, is the order of the day.

As with much of their material, Occupy Yourself is available to purchase directly from the Blind Munkee website.

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