Blast Unit Moscow – Footsteps In The Snow – Video

April seems to be a popular month for releases – Blast Unit Moscow from Russia have a new LP Krizis Of Genre set for release in that month.

Blast Unit Moscow - Footsteps In The Snow

Blast Unit Moscow – Footsteps In The Snow

You get the feeling that The Russian Orthodox Church and Stalin – sorry for the typo I meant Putin are itching to do a Pussy Riot on Blast Unit Moscow, yet these guys have learnt precisely where the line is flexible. I for one am pleased that this a a group of musicians who can continue to demonstrate, whilst the bureaucrats don’t quite know how to handle it. A kind of Winston Smith of the 2010’s, though as an analogy as you will know by 1984 the ending isn’t quite as desired, so one hopes it never progresses beyond the 3/4 stage of the novel.

Whilst I like the song, I am more enjoying the fact that during the middle of Sochi – Blast Unit Moscow inform the wider world of Krizis Of Genre –  along with the graphics and provocative title for Footsteps In The Snow the red pen is hovering in the Kremlin tonight…..

The more I come across Blast Unit Moscow the more I like them and the more saddened I am that they are only ever the support act for label funded Western Bands touring Russia not vice-versa – they deserve far better.

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