Blaire Alise And The Bombshells – For My Darlin’ – LP Review

Blaire Alise And The Bombshells from The USA have a new ten track LP – For My Darlin’.

Blaire Alise And The Bombshells - For My Darlin' - artwork

Blaire Alise And The Bombshells – For My Darlin’ – artwork

Before you start – put on your dancing boots – Throwin’ Away (The Good You Had) opens the release with all of of sixteen seconds of plaintiff vocal, before the track evolves to hitting the dance floor and Blaire Alise And The Bombshells set to work at what they are good at – good old fashioned rockabilly.

Shakin’ takes the music to a dirtier rootsiness with stoking guitar to start the track before skittering into a racy hop and the remained of the piece the track switches between the moods – just to ensure the ears are kept in focus.

You Were Made For Me is of a different tempo with slightly different inflections and shows the band in another light, a great closer to the first third of For My Darlin’.

Next is Johnny Love which is my pick of the release as the mood stays in the slightly darker vestiges. It is coincidentally also the longest track on the LP coming in at just over four minutes.

Closing out the first half of the LP is Keep Your Hands Of My Man a number which would be a fine ending to any rock ‘n’ roll night, when finally there is no-one clinging on to the wall.

I Got Something is already known to regular readers as the video featured in February and is still fresh on replay.

Get Along With You features a percussion I thoroughly enjoy in a track that again scruffs it all up a bit and I have to say – I do rate this piece.

Brand New Baby is another well tempered composition and as the LP has developed many new shades of Blaire Alise And The Bombshells have come to light, which should see them set fair for a great future.

Don’t Come Round No More, although the shortest track on the release running at just shy of two minutes is pure delight.

Marking the end of For My Darlin‘ is Let Me Into Your Heart – a floor stomping number that sums up the joy and effervescence that is Blaire Alise And The Bombshells.

For My Darlin’ – Blaire Alise & The Bombshells is available on iTunes*

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