Black Zeros

Black Zeros an indie surf trio from Sydney in Australia is, Joe Jackson (Vocals / Guitar), Dom (Drums) and Joel (Guitar).

Black Zeros - indie surf from Australia

Black Zeros

Having been quiet for some time, while Joe has been away in the USA, Black Zeros are set to come back with all the fire and enthusiasm to be expected. Distorted wave of sound rattle out of the speakers as the reverbs and echoes battle each other for supremacy, whilst inside the maelstrom an urgency seethes like a greyhound waiting for the hare to pass the post.

While more than adequate for a listen on recording, Black Zeros are a band you sense who come to their full glory in live performance. There is nothing sophisticated here, it is music for those who have a sense of fun and are looking for a sound to match the mood and the trio fulfil that purpose more than adequately. It will be interesting to hear what additional elements are added from the extended stay in the USA. There is little doubt that they will be well received by the home crowd on their imminent return, I also look forward to hearing some new tracks as it has been sometime to fasten onto anything new.


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