Black Water County

Black Water County from Bournemouth in England is Tim Harris (Lead Vocals / Bass), Gavin Coles (Banjo / Mandolin / Guitar / Backing Vocals), Bradley Clarke (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Andy L Smooth (Drums & Percussion / Backing Vocals) and Shan Byrom (Lead Vocals / Tin Whistle / Melodica) a Celtic Pub Rock band.

Black Water County - Celtic Rock from England

Black Water County

Black Water County liven the day with pumping beats and strings bouncing around the room and light lyricism, there is nothing to do other than ensure you have a glass of the finest Leixlip has to offer to hand as you spring around the room. As regular readers will know there are a few places in England I find stunningly incongruous to find great music emerge from: Tunbridge Wells being one in particular, another is the Blue Rinse bungalows of Bournemouth, so it is on a couple of levels I really enjoy the quintet.

Whilst the material is light on its feet and the songs straight-forward, the plethora of instruments and lack of complication is an absolute joy. As I have commented before, finding musicians revelling in their enjoyment and transferring that sense of fun to the audience is a testament of ability. If you are after a Hans Reichel you won’t find it here, but if you are after something to sing-a-long to whilst having a great night out in the pub, Black Water County is the place to be.


The Pirate Song – Single – Black Water County is available on iTunes*.

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