Black Walls

Black Walls is the ambient drone solo songwriter Kenneth Reaume from Etobicoke in Canada.

Black Walls - ambient drone from Canada

Black Walls

People who are new to the site would be forgiven for thinking the only material covered is sombre and melancholic as Black Walls is of similar theme to The Imaginary Suitcase LP reviewed in the previous article, musically they are of different styles completely, thematically both very introspective.

The billowing black clouds roll across the room enveloping the listener in a shroud of darkness in which the brain becomes fixated. Partially shadowed lyric adds to the atmosphere as the music gathers itself in folds. There is beauty in the blackness which curls around the brain.

Black Walls has been around for a while and the most recent release Communion set for release tomorrow is by far the  most introverted by Reaume, having been recorded at night in a bedroom reminiscing over the death of his father. The very personal and considered nature of the material makes this a release more than worthy of consideration as within that self-enveloped space of inward discovery there are semblances of glimmers of cracks in the skyline.


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