Black Severn

Pete Webber (Guitar / Vocals / Banjo / Harp) and Jack Carver (Drums / Percussion /Backing Vocals) from Bristol in England form the dark-blues duo Black Severn.

Black Severn

Black Severn

Like trawling through a ditch Black Severn deliver music which is covered in sludge and best taken behind a black-out curtain rather than on a ride on the Severn Bore as they contemplate of a world turned topsy-turvy with the many – slaves to the few.

There is a rawness that reminds of exhausted and bloodied bare-knuckle boxers with mutual respect embracing at the close of fight as the duo deliver music which has a slowness of step that bears much on its shoulders.

Black Severn don’t make secret of their forlorn perspective of the world by which they are surrounded. Rather than having the listener reaching for a rope their compositions proffer a supportive arm to the darkest moments of thought and the tracks don’t make light of the situation – expressing a sentiment that one is not alone in contemplative mood.

Relatively newly out of the blocks Black Severn have made an early release available which came out earlier this month. It will be interesting to discover how and if they are able to transpose the music to the same impact in live performance given the spread of instrumentation which can also include on the list – double-bass.

Their eponymous début LP is available on bandcamp from which I have selected, the sixth of the eight tracks, In Thrall to feature.


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