Black Severn – Seven – Video

Word arrives that the English delta-blues duo Black Severn will be releasing an EP later in the year.

Black Severn - Seven

Black Severn

Once I have more news on this I shall let you know.

Recently to surface as a video, serving as a reminder of their grimy sounds that cloak the listener in swamp mud, from their eponymous LP (available on bandcamp) the first of the eight tracks Seven.

The listener can feel the dank peat descending around them as the bulbous low-slung notes lump themselves on to the floor, whilst a beguiling harmonica surfaces through the gloop as stretched chords of guitar oscillate inside themselves while slow-step drum – beats around the head, suddenly the track gathers up its skirts and leaps to boundaries anew, before, like a coquette, slowing pace again with a teasing glance over the shoulder prior to thrusting hips in the air in a flourish of dank ribaldry, resting on a closing sequence of satiated muddy intertwining limbs.

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