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Black Furr is an England based dark-rock duo.

Black Furr - Photograph by Jonathan Dadds at Paper Champion

Black Furr – Photograph by Jonathan Dadds at Paper Champion

Recently released was the four track EP Waves.

Take the speakers out in to the garden and allow the music to harvest the grass as the scowling guitar and percussion scythe the lawn. Deep puddles of sound bleed the eardrums as the duo deliver a soundtrack which tests the resilience of anything, be it organic or inorganic, within echolocation range – meaning that necessarily it is immediately on to my essential music playlist.

Those of sharper eyesight may well recognise the drummer of The Moon Apes looks familiar with this accompanying image of the guitar player – you would be right – Daniela Trojmar and Elias Elgerud have swapped instruments.

By way of an introduction the second track – Fickle.

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