In Modena in Italy you will find Furio Ferri (Vocals / Guitar), Alessandro Bottura (Bass / Vocals) and Lucio Grani (Drums) who form the grouchy-rock band Bitterness.

Bitterness - grouchy-rock from Italy


An undercurrent of over-clocked bass rumbles around the room as Bitterness announce their entrance. This is music in which to listen in faint light as the combinations of scowling visage and bright guitar pour their discordances into the room and like an aural firework display you will be fascinated by both the brightness and the sudden darkness that flashes across the ears.

The duality of harmonised backing vocal suddenly captures attention above the intricacies of the activity unfolding as Bitterness add some sugar to their namesake, in tracks which revolve around a conductive percussion that figuratively and literally takes back-stage to conduct the proceedings.

Into the second year of their existence, Bitterness, is a trio to keep an ear out for as they have evidently grasped the nettle of seeking their own direction of travel, a journey untrammelled which is well worth exploring and their début LP Genetic Surgery Department, released on the 2nd is well worth grabbing hold of to ensure an early bird ticket to their future ideas.

Despite the sudden ending of it – G.S.D. does really only run for one minute and twenty five seconds – the shortest track on the album.


Genetic Surgery Department – Bitterness is available on iTunes.*

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