Big Walnuts Yonder – Sponge Bath – Audio

Last decade the idea of the US collaborative conceptual-rock idea Big Walnuts Yonder came to mind and on the 5th of May the début eponymous LP will be released.

Big Walnuts Yonder

Big Walnuts Yonder

Sometimes time is worth the wait as the quartet, centred around Mike Watt better known as part of Minutemen and from Tera Melos, Nick Reinhart, found time and inspiration to follow-up with the thought.

Sponge Bath, the second of the ten tracks, minds of Captain Beefheart as the unconstrained iteration spirals out of the speakers akin to vegetable peelings discard, but rather than throwing it all to waste the resultant constructs forms in to a soup the listener enjoys for its very randomness that coalesces in to tasty sustenance.

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Big Walnuts Yonder – Big Walnuts Yonder is available on iTunes.*

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