Best Friends

Best Friends is a garage rock quartet from Sheffield in England, comprising Lewis Sharman, Tom Roper, Ed Crisp and Jonny Gaymer.

Best Friends - photo by Josh Rock Photography

Best Friends – photo by Josh Rock Photography

The sheer joy of Best Friends bounces around the room with their mash-up of surfy pop and garage rock and the listener can’t help become an active participant. The quartet are able to merge psychedelic trails of smoke into lengthier pieces, equally they can play tracks which are kept short and the content shorn of adornment, both leaving the ears happy and the body leaping around the room in delight.

A hard hitting percussion keeps the material at a trot as the bass lays down solid foundations for the guitars to weave their way through the music and a sharply defined vocal completes the format. Best Friends have an effervescence and enthusiasm, which they have retained through their few years of existence that allows them to continue to surprise established fans, whilst to those coming across the music for the first time will find common ground in the sparkle that glimmers out of the sounds.

Ever touring up and down the UK Best Friends play to enthusiastic audiences, who, like the quartet just want to party. The recorded material is a little scarcer on the ground.

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Happy Anniversary / Nosebleeds – Single – Best Friends is available on iTunes*

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