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The US lo-fi-garage quartet Bernie Pink release the LP Fiesta Elementary on the 29th.

Bernie Pink - photo credit - Nathan Kiergaard

Bernie Pink – photo credit – Nathan Kiergaard

An album that takes Bernie Pink through acoustic led sparseness to acid laced psychedelia, yet throughout the roughly twenty two minutes release the listener never wavers their attention.

The rawness of the music gives it its primal fascination as players swap and change roles in the various tracks as the collisions of sounds and shrieks clatter across the room in what sounds initially like a chaotic sprawl though quickly transpires as songs which have a discernible direction of travel.

Establishing a wider live performance presence, the début LP will hopefully open further opportunities for Bernie Pink and a band I look forward to coming back to in short order.

My pick of the release is the second track – Punk Song.

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