Bernard + Edith – Crocodile – Video

The English melancholic-synth duo Bernard + Edith were initially featured a year ago.

Bernard + Edith - photo by Ethan O'Connor and Myfanwy Holland

Bernard + Edith – photo by Ethan O’Connor and Myfanwy Holland

From their début LP Jem, the third of the thirteen tracks – Crocodile.

The lightest tune the site has featured by Bernard + Edith, though tone is a matter of relativity. The triangles and bells give the track a jocular feel, before the deeper synths start to kick in accompanied by the ambrosial vocal with its rich patterns.

The listener becomes ever more becalmed and intoxicated by Crocodile as the music soars around the room in easy waves of interweaving textures.

Jem – Bernard + Edith is available on iTunes.*

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