Ben Talmi – Lift Your Head – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Ben Talmi is planning on the release of the LP Distractionism later in the year.

Ben Talmi - Photo Credit - Hannah Cohen Photography

Ben Talmi – Photo Credit – Hannah Cohen Photography

An interesting back catalogue and associated musical projects discovers a sound creator with many facets. For the forthcoming album the thread of the songs is based on completion of material from end to end prior to adding adornments, which for me at least, generates honest music from the heart which necessarily adds genuine value to the weave of the world – ergo music, however the world is full of different ideas and sounds written to a formula is what most find comforting on their ears, sadly.

From the forthcoming release – Lift Your Head – an emotional contemplation of dealing with forlorn circumstance.


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  1. Mmmm…. what a nice tune. I agree… formulaic music is a real bummer… I was just talking to someone yesterday and she was arguing that The Voice produces successful careers for people and what a great thing The Voice is for music. It was a real treat to hear this song and remember, oh yeah, homemade music (like all homemade things) is so much better than something churned out by the “industry”.

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