Belly Of Paris – Aristide’s Entry Into Paris – Audio

The Bahrain based baroque-rock sextet Belly Of Paris release the LP Peste on the 4th of November.

Belly Of Paris - photo by Ankita

Belly Of Paris – photo by Ankita

Formed by musicians originally from Asia, Europe and South America the eclectic mix of influences are thrown into the cassoulet and the resulting stew has an extremely tasty flavour.

One moment one is minded Romany, the next horses chasing across the steppes of Patagonia only to discover a soupçon of rock from which a Souq has sprung to the palate. Given the diversity of ideas extended to the listener it never becomes a confusion, rather a reflection of what could be if only the froth of geo-politics were to subside.

Ironically given the inclusive nature of the material Peste is distinctly sliced into being released by two different distributors one for The Middle East (available on bandcamp) the other for the rest of the world through a different distributor though also on bandcamp.

The opening track is Aristide’s Entry Into Paris.

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