Bellusira – Black Seed – Video

Initially introduced in 2013 the US based rock band Bellusira released the LP The Healing earlier this month.

Bellusira - The Healing - artwork

Bellusira – The Healing – artwork

Bands focus change over time and Bellusira is an evidential example. When first introduced, just prior to their début LP – Connection, they were still in their homeland of Australia with an alternative edginess to their material. A change of dynamic, geography and line-up finds the band more buffed, polished and focussed towards the mainstream of radio-metal, with considerable success I should add.

Black Seed, a perspicacious introspective commentary and the third of the eleven tracks on The Healing finds Bellusira providing with precision what is expected for a mass market appeal in an LP which I would expect to receive considerable commercial airplay and I wish them every success for the future in their new direction of travel.

The Healing – Bellusira is available on iTunes.*

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