Bel Esprit – Leave Me Here – Single Review

The English alt-indie quartet Bel Esprit release the single Leave Me Here on the 8th of April.

Bel Esprit

Bel Esprit

For those who are familiar with Bel Esprit this will mark in intriguing change of direction as Leave Me Here discovers the band in a mood of tender moment. Introducing new ideas the quartet leave neither new audiences or existing followers short-changed as they up the ante in their compositional ability with a greater fluidity than much that has preceded.

The guitars luxuriate like a thick-pile rug around the room as they weave around each other in desirous comportment. Percussion and bass retain a harder bone which gives the track its solidity. The vocal explores the furrows betwixt the two elements giving it a rising and falling journey to travel that is more than capably waypointed with alluring ease, attesting of the ability of Bel Esprit to challenge themselves further in the future.

It will be interesting to discover the follow-up to Leave Me Here as this is a track that raises the threshold of expectation for future material and a release one can only hope affords Bel Esprit the far greater recognition they deserve.

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