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Conrad Schuman (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Stefanie Ku (Synth / Backing Vocals) and Veli-Matti Matilla (Drums / Visual Programming), who form the – loosely based in San Francisco (USA) though originally from Taiwan, Finland and the USA –  synthwave band Beautiful Machines are putting the final touches to the concept LP Singularity.

Beautiful Machines

Beautiful Machines

In advance of the album they release part one – Bastian – as a standalone single on the 12th.

Bastian is a dream-sequence of liquid electronica, melted synthesis and sublimating vocal, held in its gaseous formation by the rounded beat of a gravitational percussion forming an aural nebula as transfixing as though captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Beautiful Machines are a trio regularly to be found around the world in performance and on the basis of Bastian, Singularity, appears set fair to further enhance their reputation and audience reach.


Bastian – Single – Beautiful Machines is available on iTunes.*

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