Beat Remvie – Cry Out – Audio

The Greek nu-synth project of Michael Papoulakos – Beat Remvie released the three track single No-More-Stalgic on the 21st.

Beat Remvie - Cry Out

Beat Remvie

The second track Cry Out seems to promise of a world in which all is hunky-dory though the strident lyric conjectures a difference of opinion.

Lasting four minutes the funky hip-dips sway the listener into sympathetic body gliding as the easy lilting electronics sweep around the room whilst the acerbic vocal casts a scathing eye on the ease by which the cerebrum can so easily be manipulated by the limbic system.

Beat Remvie on the other two tracks on No-More-Stalgic (available on bandcamp) does deploy, as is far more typical of his out-put, other vocal accompaniment. Though as demonstrated in Cry Out more than capable of delivering music on his own.

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