Bear Witness – Could One Be You – Audio

The English blues-rock band Bear Witness released the LP Dreams Of Fame on the 28th of February.

Bear Witness - photo by Jacobe Lando

Bear Witness – photo by Jacobe Lando

Blues-rock is melded with heavy-metal and indie-rock in what should be an angularity of failed connectivity, yet Bear Witness are able to easily join all the junctions together in a watertight seal that leaves the listener reaching for a faded leather jacket and a silk shirt at one and the same moment without feeling in the least bit out of sorts.

From the six track album my pick of the release is the grungy penultimate song Could One Be You where smouldering guitar riffs combine with slipping drums whilst fiery bass conjoins with a wandering vocal to deliver a song that tousles the hair and pinches the cheeks as it passes through the room.


Dreams of Fame – Bear Witness is available on iTunes.*

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