Beach Royals – Berlin (The Finer Things In Life) – Audio

Beach Royals is an alt-rock quartet from England.

Beach Royals

Beach Royals

Newly out of the blocks with only a couple of tracks to hear Beach Royals take the listener on journey of streaming guitars that drift around the room akin to horses parading in a dressage arena. Whilst initially appearing equally aloof and wanting to present as only being adept at being adept – Beach Royals are able to capture the attention of the listener with the more empathetic percussion and vocal which aurally expresses of the paddling feet under the swan, giving the quartet their connection and personality.

It will be interesting to discover future directions of travel by Beach Royals and hope they descend from the altar of self-righteous guitar and allow that playing ability to become less of a sermon and more of a two-way relationship with the audience.

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