Beach Fatigue – To Die For – Audio

The Welsh dark-rock quintet Beach Fatigue are due to release their Eponymous LP on the 4th of March.

Beach Fatigue - To Die For

Beach Fatigue – To Die For

The track – To Die For, which is the third of the dozen on the just under forty minute LP that I have had the pleasure of listening to in full and will provide a full track by track review when I am able to share my picks of the pieces of music, was made available a few hours ago.

To Die For rattles the foundations and will have you checking there isn’t a herd of elephants in the cellar as a luscious bass and bass-drum battle as to who can gain greater attention, whilst the shoegazy guitars sound as they should be featuring on a Moriconne soundtrack from which the signature vocal splits the eardrums.

The absolute joy of Beach Fatigue is their ability to coalesce all these disparate ideas into a just under four minute track of coherence that just needs to be heard again immediately.

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