Bayonet from Sheffield in England is the indie-rock quartet of Vince Ringrose (Guitar / Vocals), Lewis Cain (Guitar / Vocals), Danny Higgins (Bass) and Sam Chapman (Drums).

Bayonet - indie-rock from England


There is an earthy honesty about Bayonet as they sing songs of love and angst, screened through glittering guitar, which soars around the room as the bass lays down a solid foundation off which the percussion springs coils.

Not attempting to add any more than basic structures to the framework Bayonet is able to encapsulate the concepts within the sparsity and it is their easy flow of sounds which are of immediate attention. It is when bands are able to strip away the frippery to get to the core of the lyric with sympathetic instrumentation that the staple diet of rock songs through the ages comes to the fore and Bayonet are fine exponents.

There is something undeniably endearing about the pieces of music, which speak loudly of temerity and emotional fragility and the quartet are able to reflect the frustration and desire within well delivered tracks that are equally laden. What else does music need?

Only recently formed, Bayonet have the trappings of a sound that has an eternal humanity to it, whilst speaking for the 2010s and I look forward to hearing how things develop for them over the coming year – were justice served, you will be hearing much more of them in short order. I certainly wish them all the best with their musical career.

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