Bat And Ball – Be Mine – Audio

The English anxious-indie quartet Bat And Ball are finalising details for the LP Genuine Skin for release in 2017.

Bat And Ball

Bat And Ball

Whilst – Be Mine – from the forthcoming album is able to negotiate any set of the equalisers and loudness – it best heard with sub-woofers set to maximum and tweeters set to medium with volume as loud as the play-back can manage – affording room for the luxurious synths to wallow across their range as the bassy notes tickle the hairs on the arms from which the spiralling percussion and guitars are able to play to their most expressive with the idiosyncratic vocal seemingly appearing from a speaker you didn’t know you possessed.

As more surfaces – so I will keep you informed.


For more release news – Emerging Indie Bands on Facebook is a source worthy of contemplation.

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