Barlo is the avant-garde project of Marco Barluzzi from Belluno in Italy.



Revealing material every few years dating back to 2009 and most recently last month Barlo offers up music which stretches across the gamut of styles with the constancy of a sense of brooding cloud and fuzzy-synth, other than that his out-put is as almost as eclectic as the range of styles which feature on this site.

Barlo is able to create music in which ever style that is drawn from the lucky-dip that captivates for its spaciousness and expressiveness which confidently floats around the head as his flow of ideas pours forth.

His is a thought process that needs to be taken when you have plenty of time as although each track stands on its own, they are so disparate that to do so in isolation is to miss the whole point of the journey. Though of course having said that I will only be featuring one track, but taking the time to thread back through the three LPs containing forty seven tracks in total (all available on bandcamp) with each subsequent release becoming more expansive – is time well spent.

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