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Bands are constantly looking for new ways to promote their music. And while the internet has been seen as the ultimate hope for emerging bands, it still remains true that it is hard to get a tool to manage the band and reach the people that may like the band’s music.

It all started with Myspace, it was nice, but soon it became a spam dump (not to say the player was a nightmare). After that many options have appeared, from reverbnation to bandcamp, and even facebook pages with music tabs.

But still they all seem incomplete, you either only have music, or surfing to find new things is almost impossible.


That’s why we created A web platform for the bands to share their content and the music lovers to find new bands. With deeper profiles, with concerts, photos and selling options. And a search engine, based on acoustic signals, called Eddie, that will find similar songs to your all-time favourite songs.

And furthermore, we don’t like to stay behind a screen and we help to promote and set up concerts, bring music to new spaces like buses and other cool stuff.


We are glad to have bands such as Freedonia (SP), Black Pony (MX), June’s Kaleidoscope (UK), Clockwork (GE) Velocette (BR), Eira (US), Go-Neko (AR) and many others that are part of our growing network.

Join us at Bandness and start enjoying new music on the internet.

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