Bandintexas – Teatime – Audio

The Australian rockers Bandintexas are working towards the release of the ten track LP Pocket Full of Stone.

Bandintexas - Tea Time - artwork

Bandintexas – Tea Time – artwork

With a different sound to their regular fare Bandintexas demonstrate that there are often moments in life when music doesn’t need to provide deep cerebral thought process…

…Without a brightly coloured pair of brothel creepers on your feet before hitting play, you will only regret it part way through, as the rockabilly ring of Tea Time (available as stand alone single on bandcamp) steps through the room to an infectious double time, tautly tied, drum-skin that launches the listener on to the dance-floor.

Emerging Indie Bands on Facebook is where you will discover more musicians quite happy to let down their hair and party.

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  1. I must now get me some brothel creepers

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