As you correctly guessed – Bandintexas is the Sydney, Australia, based alt-rock quartet of Kelly Jeanious (Vocals), Sophie Bollen (Guitar / Vocals), Jackie Latimore (Bass) and Lauren Allison (Drums).

Bandintexas - alt-rock from Australia


Bandintexas have used their experience to hone their craft to produce effortless music which sheers across the room in a blistering showcase of powerful compositions which reflect of the realities of the conundrums of life. There is a raw simplicity to the basic construct to which the quartet add their virtuosity without ever loosing the essence of the fragility of the concepts which they explore.

Four years into their existence which has been fraught with line-up changes, but an unwavering desire to perform live and create new music Bandintexas finally got round to making the music available, at the tail-end of last year to those of us not able to get to see a live show, with their début LP – the eight track – The ABCD-EP.

Bandintexas were formerly known as One Trick Pony prior to a band name argument – for more check out the interview with the SXSW challenge.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my jottings and listen to the accompanying music via which ever connected device you prefer to use, but I do think unless you are listening to the music without the addition of a subwoofer and at least two regular speakers, far apart, you are missing much that goes on here and Bandintexas is a case in point. Turn up the volume, switch it up a notch, let the speakers do their thing and you will be in for a superb journey of sound.

website (music starts immediately)

The ABCD-EP – Bandintexas is available on iTunes*

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