Band of the Month – November 2016 – Readers’ Choice

My thanks to you as a reader of the website for not making this an echo chamber of my own voice as without you there is no website to write.

Still Eighteen - Band Of The Month November 2016

Still Eighteen

This month has been particularly close in the selection for Readers’ Choice for band of the month. A variety of algorithms are used which all go in to one equation and it has been nip and tuck through-out the period. The Band of the Month for November has only been finalised within a quarter of an hour before this publication and the selection being identified, with two entities slugging it out to the last moment, some months it is evident a few days in advance.

Based in The Dominican Republic – Still Eighteen is the Readers’ Choice for Novembers’ Band Of The Month.

From the EP Bullets To Dust (available on bandcamp) – Pretty Thing.

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  1. Tim, thank you for reviewing Still Eighteen’s debut EP, Bullets to Dust. We are grateful for winning Emerging Indie Band’s — Readers’ Choice Band of the Month!

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