Band of the Month – December 2015 – Editors’ Choice

The last Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for 2015 has arrived.

Girobabies - Band Of The Month December 2015


Of the thousand-odd of bands who have featured this year who haven’t been selected as the Editors’ choice for band of the month, please don’t take that as a slight, there are over three hundred plus bands a day who drop a note and are looking for coverage, of those, only between three and six a day are reviewed and only one band can be ‘band of the month‘. Of the three hundred bands a day who make contact daily that I haven’t got round to reviewing, please don’t take that as an insult either. I will have heard your music and I will have sent you a response on the introduction you made to let you know why not, or that I am tracking future material. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to make the effort to create music. To the thousands of other bands who never do drop me a message, I thank you too for making the world a better place. For the many emails I haven’t got back to yet, I assure you I will – just give me some more time or a reminder, please.

The Editors Choice for band of the month for December 2015 is from Scotland – Girobabies.

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