Badsmoke and the Astral Haze – Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman – Video

The Costa Rican psychedelic-rock trio Badsmoke and the Astral Haze will be releasing the three track single Triada of the Earthlings next month.

Badsmoke And The Astral Haze photo credit - Naty Aguirre

Badsmoke And The Astral Haze photo credit – Naty Aguirre

The first song to surface from the single is Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp) which merely asks the listener to leave their temporal-lobe hanging on a hat-stand prior to entering the room to allow the frontal-lobe plenty of room to extract the juices of the winding guitar, which inverts in to itself like a foaming bath with perforated bubbles of reverb snatching inside escaping echoes, whilst percussion taunts the bass as it snaps at the calcaneal tendon with the vocal enticing the listener to the less empiric aspects of thought.


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