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The Canadian new-wave trio Bad Pop released their eponymous two track single on the 27th.

Bad Pop

Bad Pop

Blowing any lingering cobwebs and dust in to the corner of the room – the more than capably delivered two minutes and ten seconds of the title track Bad Pop hurtles around the room.

Tightly compressed waves of bass guitar cause the ears to twitch in anticipation prior to the sledge-hammered drum kit pulsing the cochlea and just when you thought there can’t be anything else that is going to improve this – the guitar and voice burst in to full flow and you realise you haven’t cleared enough space in the room as you collide with desks and chairs whilst enthusiastically pogoing alongside.

Bad Pop, who surfaced from Hot Panda, is a band who are not attempting to spark a revolution, rather, reminding the audience – no matter how bad things get – music can always make life feel better.


Bad Pop – Single – Bad Pop is available on iTunes.*

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