Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage an indie rock band from Calne in England comprises James E Anderson ( Vocals / Guitar), Jack Burston (Guitar), Murray Somerville (Bass) and Simon Weeds (Drums).

Avon Cottage - indie rock from England

Avon Cottage

There is a distinctly underground air to the sounds that Avon Cottage produce as they are unafraid to push the edges a little without it becoming overly complicated, but adding enough of a shift to pull the listener to pay more attention.  The music is an evocative flurry of high energy and rapidly delivered phrases which tumble across the room in perfect unison, as a real credit to the relative inexperience of the players.

The lyrics reflect both on personal relationships and a broader canvas of integration within a wider community delivered to a saw-tooth of guitar accompanied by a well-defined percussion that lends considerable power to the material.

It was some months ago that I spoke to James for the Indie Music Tips series when he chatted to me about measures of success and it is a pleasure to hear some more of the music.

Although having to improvise with towels and bedroom furniture to create a vocal booth, the end result is a smartly recorded four track demo EP by Avon Cottage. Creativity for Independent Musicians extends not to just creating the songs, but finding a way to record them.


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