Avenues End – In Bloom – Video

The Australian indie-luxe trio Avenues End release the LP It’s Not All Bad on the 1st of November.

Avenues End

Avenues End

On the 30th of September the first of the six tracks to surface from the album, which is also the opener – In Bloom – was made available.

A track which testifies to a highly capable trio as the song is a clever layer of texturing giving the impression of a three dimensional organic being emerging through the speakers. A slowly revolving shadowy presence is delivered simultaneously with uptempo dance steps, not an easy feat for one guitar, one bass and one drum.

Think of the dream in which you can fly in slow motion and leap incredible distances – you will have the right frame of mind before hitting play.

Rumours bubble of a further LP already being contemplated for reveal next year.

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In Bloom – Avenues End is available on iTunes.*

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