Ava Rae Heatley – Grin And Bear It – Single Review

Ava Rae Heatley is a keys-rock creator from the USA.

Ava Rae Heatley

Ava Rae Heatley

Deft work on the key-board and an evocative vocal enables Ava Rae Heatley to deliver music of emotional fluidity, with each song revealing a new flowering – the latest being Grin And Bear It.

Frequently adding additional players to provide the framework for the compositions Grin And Bear It conjoins the supporting feature of percussion and lightly feathered guitar to the country-folk fused track which angles across the room akin to bouncing laser lights as the lyric pivots through a quizzical contemplation of life, whilst pianoforte slips in and out of a harmonic layering to the spikey vocal.


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