Automatic Colors

Automatic Colors is the electro-folk creator Justin Walcroft from Philadelphia in the USA.

Automatic Colors

Automatic Colors

An intrigue of washes of synthetics blend with acoustics as Automatic Colors glide around the room filling it with warmth and perspicacity. On genre introduction you could be forgiven for thinking this is a step too far. I assure you it is not as the traditional and present combine to form an engrossing flow of sound which surrounds the ears.

The stark unforgiving tones of folk are imbued with the whimsy of romanticism and the listener is left laying transfixed by the compositions emerging. Automatic Colors is only let down by the American spelling of Colours as that both visually and aurally gives it a harsher  snap that warranted, but when I get to quibbling over a missing ‘u’ it tells you the music is En Pointe.

Music rebounds at different speeds, which is accompanied by switch of emphasis between acoustics and electronics as Automatic Colors seeks to define the sentiment of the track, successfully, through altered layers of sound device input and it is through this creativity of variation that the out-put gains its poignancy.

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