Corroded – Cross – Video

The Swedish heavy-metal quartet Corroded are set to release the LP Bitter on the 25th of January 2019.

Corroded - Cross


Cross, the third of the dozen tracks on Bitter, is the first song to surface from the album and once again evidences why they have remained stalwarts of the rock scene for as long as they have and signals that their fifth album will be another to add to the collection as soon as available.

Bitter – Corroded is available on iTunes.*

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Red Telephone – Victoria Park – Single Review

Red Telephone, a Welsh trippy-rock band, release the single Victoria Park on the 19th.

Red Telephone - photo by by Rhianedd Sion

Red Telephone – photo by by Rhianedd Sion

With only two songs around that I have been able to hear – both attest to a band unafraid to take the path less travelled to deliver their thoughts on the world around.

Vaguely retrospective musically, Victoria Park, is less crammed than their first track, Kookly Rose (available on bandcamp) with Red Telephone quickly identifying that taking ideas out of compositions can conversely leave them feeling more expansive, which in this case allows the track to be both a reminiscence of childhood, while simultaneously contemplative of the here and now.

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Hawelka – Der Taucher – Audio

The Stuttgart (Germany) electro-rock trio of Petr Novak (Vocals / Guitar), Jan Georg Plavec (Synth) and Christian Seyffert (Drums), known as Hawelka, release the LP Liebe Oder Hass on the 19th.



Introduced on the video only site back in 2016Liebe Oder Hass (available on bandcamp) has a more pressing and compressed delivery, with the keys giving the songs a muddy resonance as they blur the sides of guitar while percussion pulses the eardrums as the expressive vocal gives the material a gritty texturing.

Der Taucher is the second of the nine tracks on the album.


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I Ya Toyah – Glass Eyes – Audio

The Chicago (USA) based industrial-IDM project of Ania Tarnowska – performing as I Ya Toyah – releases the LP Code Blue on the 26th.

I Ya Toyah

I Ya Toyah

A roughly thirty eight minutes, ten track, album of darkly oppressive music that slams through the speakers in powerful waves, that wraps around the listener like drying wet leather bonds. Glitchy electronica and pulsing pressurised synthesised guitar create the dark presence through which looms a soaring and aloof vocal that affords the compositions their dramatic dynamics.

An LP well worth catching on its release – Glass Eyes, the antepenultimate track, was released as a standalone single on the 28th of September and is available on bandcamp.


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BLIGH – Mrs. Jones – Single Review

BLIGH, an alt-rock band from Gold Coast (Australia), is the quintet of James Martin (Bass), Luc Saint Clair (Guitar), Jaidyns Blayde (Drums), Zahra Whyte (Keys) and Elliott Baylis (Vocals) who released the single Mrs. Jones on the 27th of September.



Their smartly constructed compositions often emerge as dramatic vignettes. Mrs. Jones continues in that vein with a swing-blues one act murder mystery which displays, in full glory, their ability to create songs which disport not only musical dexterity and arrangement but also clever lyrical construct, yet can equally deliver to the audience music that is easy to engage.

A couple of years in to their journey, Mrs. Jones will, with fortune, exponentially expand the BLIGH audience.


Mrs Jones – Single – BLIGH is available on iTunes.*

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