Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – Land Of Anxiety – Audio

On the 14th the Canadian electro-rock duo Jay Draper & The Subterraneans released the AA side single Inside Out / Land Of Anxiety.

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans - photo credit - Tyrone Islington

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – photo credit – Tyrone Islington

There is a depressive sadness to the music which is difficult to specifically identify, though nonetheless the thread holding the two tracks central fulcrum giving the material an almost fatalistic air of hopeless despondency.

This dour mood stands as a stark contrast to the expansive compositional range of the tracks, particularly in my pick of the release Land Of Anxiety, which is laced with soaring gothic arches of synthesis and voice. On listening to the roughly eight and three quarters minutes of the two songs (available on bandcamp) don’t expect a catharsis as, in this release, Jay Draper & The Subterraneans are not attempting to shine a candle out of a dark tunnel, rather reflect of dark, ominous, entrapment.

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wwoman – FOA – Single Review

The US groovemove project wwoman revealed the song FOA on Friday.



If you have ever been to a ’70s themed disco night or were attending at the time – you will know exactly what to expect on hitting play – if you haven’t it may come as something of a surprise in to what affairs they can quickly turn.

The quivering synths invite the listener to a dimly lit corner of the dance-floor for a knee trembler as the insistent beat soaks in to the spine with the electronica wrapping through the hips and pressing closer and with a matching desire while the vocal whispers breathily in to the ears.

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Tuvaband – Wolfpack – Single Review

The Germany based, Norwegian, etherealwave project centred around Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser who performs as Tuvaband released the single Wolfpack on the 13th.

Tuvaband - Photo by Stefan Roehrich

Tuvaband – Photo by Stefan Roehrich

Originally formed as a duo Wolfpack is the first song to be revealed that reflects of the new Tuvaband reconfiguration.

Rather than layering the song with antonyms of sound the track has a mellowed flow of synonyms that melt one in to the other creating just over four and a half minutes of dreamy ambient harmonised electronica that wraps softly around the spectral voice and leaves the listener becalmed from the daily travails of life.

Continuing to secure gigs across Europe forthcoming appearances in Iceland and Germany can only enhance the reach of a more than capable musician.


Wolfpack – Tuvaband is available on iTunes.*

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The Peppermint Club – All Together, On The Sun – Audio

The Australian hazewave quartet The Peppermint Club released the single All Together, On The Sun yesterday.

The Peppermint Club

The Peppermint Club

Washing their music with fuzzy pastels The Peppermint Club create music that has a mirage effect shimmer as the core of their sound, through which they weave a softened psychedelia enabling them to deliver songs that stretch out a beach towel for the listener to lay and allow the bustle of the day to pass by in distant focus.

The newest song to be released All Together, On The Sun is the second track to appear from the eponymous LP which is set for release on the 15th of September.


All Together, On the Sun – Single – The Peppermint Club is available on iTunes.*

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Mount Mural – The Greenest Compass – Audio

The Canadian slogaze quartet Mount Mural released their début EP There Is a Better Place today.

Mount Mural

Mount Mural

A four track release (available on bandcamp) of softly pressed songs that mind of ambient uplighting as it fills the room with gently swaying compositions that rest easily on the ears. though, far from being background noise at a shopping precinct. The quartet are able to create music that seeps in to the marrow of the listener with its luxurious warming texturing.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the calm focus of the music these are a quartet who are fast out of the starting blocks,  having only really got themselves going in the past couple of months, already have the EP, my pick of which is the opener The Greenest Compass, along with securing live performance slots.

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