Liv Slingerland – Come Back To Me – Video

Liv Slingerland is a US alt-rock project.

Liv Slingerland - @cheese7224

Liv Slingerland – @cheese7224

With only three tracks available for those of us who haven’t been able to catch live performances of an outfit that is beginning to gain wider traction.

The three songs are each of different texturing, one being a rock driven ballad another an indie inspired composition the third, which was recently caught in live studio performance, the brit-bluesy Come Back To Me.


Come Back to Me – Single – Liv Slingerland is available on iTunes.*

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Martin Del Carpio – November (Black Rose) – Video

The US sadcore creator Martin Del Carpio is working on the details for a new LP.

Martin Del Carpio - photo by @murraybrooklyn

Martin Del Carpio – photo by @murraybrooklyn

Regularly crafting music, always of sad countenance, the most recent song to surface November (Black Rose) is made more sorrowful with the melancholic notes of piano leading a composition that was inspired by the death of their mother.

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Dear Life, – Mild October – Audio

The English melancholic-rock quartet, Dear Life,, released the LP Hello Frankenstein! on the 11th.

Dear Life, - Mild October

Dear Life,

As with the scientist in the album title Dear Life, create a sapient entity in their laboratory, though rather than being a grotesque monster the roughly fifty one minutes, ten track, release (available on bandcamp) finds the music washes the listener in a cathartic, warm, sense of well-being as it delivers its theatrical movements.

The slowly unfolding ambient compositions each, individually, enrobe the listener with luxurious palettes of imagery and in combination result in an LP that is best enjoyed with plenty of time to recover in quiet contemplation long after the notes have faded from the room.

Currently touring the album in parts of England and France –


16th – EXETER, England Cavern Club
17th – CAMBRIDGE, England The Corner House
18th -SHEFFIELD, England West Street Live
19th – MANCHESTER, England The Thirsty Scholar
20th – LONDON, England Underbelly
21st – TROYES, France The Message
22nd – VENDEUVRE SUR-BARSE, France Théâtre de la Forêt d’Orient
23rd – ÉTAIN, France Fête de la Musique 2018
24th – LILLE, France Chez Madeleine
29th – READING. England Rising Sun Arts Centre


1st – STOURBRIDGE, England Claptrap

I would suggest that if Dear Life, happen to be in your area on this tour it would be well worth setting aside the evening.

Mild October is the fourth track.

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Vaultry – Other Drugs – Single Review

The Canadian indie-dance quartet Vaultry released the single Other Drugs yesterday.

Vaultry - photo by It's A Thing Imagery

Vaultry – photo by It’s A Thing Imagery

An intriguing four and a twelfth minutes song (available on bandcamp) which straddles to anchors of very different construct.

A burring rock percussion and bass which gives the track impetus and gravitas is topped by a boy-band style vocal with guitar gently sewing the two together. Far from natural audiences of either party recoiling in horror I do posit – give it a few moments on your ear and whichever camp you start from – within the first half a minute or so the contrasts will not seem like an arch nemesis – rather a natural amalgam and by the end likely to be interested to discover more of the catalogue.


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Sunrose – Whirlpool – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-rock quartet Sunrose released the EP Strawberry Wine today.



A twenty’ish minutes, five track, release (available on bandcamp) that transports the listener on to a journey in to the centre of a rainbow as the kaleidoscopic colours wend their way around the mind and absorb all processes of thought.

Sunrose deliver music that is best not approached when preparing for a business presentation, unless it happens to be one in which has dragons floating on the ceiling and glassy eyes as a prerequisite central tenet.

The middle track is Whirlpool.

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