Stickman Cartel – Accolade – Audio

Stickman Cartel from England – their forthcoming single Accolade which is set for official release on the 2nd September 2013.

Stickman Cartel - indie pop from England.

Stickman Cartel

This is a smart debut release from the North London based Stickman Cartel and when more is available I look forward to exploring more of their fusion of new wave pop and indie rock.

Thanks to Invader Music for making this stream available.

The launch of the release is on the 28th August in Stoke Newington – England. Drop me a note if you would be interested in covering the launch to tim @

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Magic Bones

Magic Bones from Melbourne in Australia is Dylan Thorpe (Vocals / Drums /Guitar), Kiri O’Connor (Vocals / Guitar), Richard Bowers (Guitar / Drums / Vocals) and Michael Hales (Bass) an alt rock band.

Magic Bones is an alt rock band from Australia.

Magic Bones

The music meanders across the room in a shimmer of colours as the dreamy, psychotropic nuances of Magic Bones settle on the cortex. The easy nature of the material rumbles into the soul of the listener taking over thought and heart beat in a conundrum of layers which unfurl as verisimilitude shapes formed by sounds.

Well crafted tracks deliver much to the listener as they play with the brain and when music has the power to shift and form moods, then you know you are listening to something which has a heart and soul. What is equally impressive is how they are able to define those images within what are relatively brief pieces of work not over extending their welcome.

The delightful bass / drum combination set a tempo which provide the tracks with a well formed spine, around which floating guitar is permitted to express the emotional journey, which is interspersed by vocal that fits as part of the overall compositions, rather than a core focus and all the textures come together in an extraordinarily well painted canvass that also permits the mind to travel to its own point of interest.


Magic Bones EP – Magic Bones is available on iTunes*

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Atlanter from Oslo in Norway is an alt blues band comprising Jens CareliusArild HammerøMorten Kvam and Jonas Barsen Johnsen.

Atlanter is an alt blues band from Norway.


There is an unmistakeable Scandinavian pitch to the sounds which encompass influences from across the globe as Atlanter delivers incredibly busy instrumental that sit inside an ethereal framework. The combination of which flashes around the head in a triumphant parade.

The band clearly sets out to inject a feeling of movement and fluidity in the music and this extends to their recordings, which avoid a rehearsed sound and this technique brings the songs to life and ensures that the audience has a sense of engagement and relationship with the out-put.

Atlanter is a relatively new out-fit their enthusiasm and belief in their creation shines through brightly. Their musicianship is tested within the complex layers of the tracks, but the players are more than capable of handling the shifting landscape in which they play.

A recent release (12th August) the nine track LP – Vidde – is a fascinating start to a band who maintain the perception that much of the most inventive sounds, which simultaneously are readily accessible, are continuing to emerge from this area of Northern Europe.


Vidde – Atlanter is avaliable on iTunes*.

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Leisure – Tourist – Video

Leisure have just released their debut single Tourist and have accompanied it with a new video.


Leisure – photo credit (c) Sam Brolan

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to fully review Leisure, a band based in London, England, but once some more music is available, I hope to be able to tell you more as their debut single makes for a well spent five minutes.

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Drowning Dreams – Dream While Drowning – LP review

Drowning Dreams released a new LP – the thirteen track Dream While Drowning on the 10th August 2013.

Dream While Drowning - LP review of Drowning Dreams.

Dream While Drowning – LP Cover art

Opening with Take My Chances a track which takes the listener on a subterranean struggle as the ears are enraptured by the coalescence of the LP title and the strangulated vocals – is this enough to take us onwards?

Leave It All Behind elicits a response as we bubble down into the depths and across the room emerges sounds which hammer the ears akin to being inside a submersible. Bereft of vocal this is a signature piece.

Next we find Something Dark In The Heart which seems incongruous though intoxicating and it is time for the listener to explore the interpretations of the band and LP title – I can’t find the connection, let me know if you do. I get the sense the Tom Lugo who I have explored many times before with his band iterations has become a little lazy in attempting to gain SEO gaming with a new band name and would be better throwing this into the melting pot of Tom Lugo, not a new iteration as this makes little sense under the LP and band title, this is best reflected as Tom Lugo the creator not Tom Lugo the SEO gamer and sad to see this happening. I believe the saying is – don’t try to kid a kidder.

Sirens of Lo continues the theme of irrelevance and let us throw off the shackles of the play on names and get back to the music, which is sublime.

To Hell You Opened The Gates is what makes the LP what it is, combining rap and reggae under a shoegaze umbrella and this creativity is why the iterations are so often covered.

I am glad to have left of the band nomenclature by the halfway point and can concentrate on the music. The middle track in this case Surmonté does as you expect of all Lugo releases and set a new direction which sets up the second half of the LP with a new expectation as we find wide open spaces of the Savannah to explore.

Where No One Has Gone explores an interpenetration of surf around the ears and head back to the title with the listener left still cupping their ears to clear the water – a track of pure pleasure and my pick of the release.

That isn’t to say the LP is done, as next we find Mimas – an engaging bass leads the ears into something that resonates of psychedelia  as the high strung guitar captures the brain holding attention and again the big stage abilities of the Tom Lugo artefacts emerge – a delight.

Gears & Wheels is a far more rock derivative track whilst it also exposes the roots of reverbed and echoed guitars, do let this swagger around your head for a while.

The penultimate track Ipotane is fusion of intertwined guitars which bounce one to the other and a well constructed three minutes of inversion. this has much to engage the audience.

The concluding track being Charybdis which heads back to relevance to the LP title with a submersible soundscape.

Why would I be left feeling so bereft after 45 minutes of superb music you may wonder? A highly talented artist trying to game the search engines is the answer.