Electrician – That’s How We Do It – Audio

Electrician – aka – Neil Campau from Oakland in the USA, who regular readers over the four years of Indie Bands Blog may recall, has set up as a more established vehicle for discoursing Societal relationships.

Electrician - Lo-fi rock from the USA


The lo-fi distortions are a powerful backdrop to the subject area.


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Slim Wray

Slim Wray a Garage Rock band from New York in the USA centres around the duo of Howzr (Guitar / Vocals) and Chris Moran (Drums / Vocals).

Slim Wray - Garage Rock from the USA

Slim Wray

A scintillating scythe of percussion cleaves the air to announce the arrival of Slim Wray, this is rock as it should be played. Reflecting on relationships, the lyrics take the classic angsts of boy meets girl and delivers them inside a resounding maelstrom of well delivered riffs and rattles.

The energy palpably hammers against the walls and the tracks deliver everything you could want for an evening of rock and roll. Slim Wray also manage to deliver it without the sound distorting levels which takes much away from many new bands and the delightful fuzzed guitar work layers in all the nuances required to emit both the power and the glory of it all.

I wonder whether they will end up with a full time bass guitarist as without it the sounds would be too tinny, so it is good to find that all the material currently around does include that all important four stringed instrument – time will tell.

The tracks work superbly well as they don’t try to reinvent the wheel, rather concentrating on what they know and enjoy and Slim Wray ably define why working to a bands strengths and not attempting to stretch skills beyond the limits works so well, providing the ears with a delightful moment in time.


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Urvah Khan – Things Fall Apart – Video

Urvah Khan – indie rock – based in Canada and working on spreading their audience base wider, including a September stint in the UK.

Urvah Khan - Indie Rock from Canada.

Urvah Khan

The story of the creator of Urvah Khan, the band, is synonymous with the person by the same name, exploring a diversity of influences and crossover points.

Urvah spent time in the Middle East before moving to Canada. The daughter of a Pakistani journalist mother she changed religions and changed direction, whilst holding on to the originations which is played out through the line-up of Urvah Khan, Ruben Huizenga, Ken Griffin and Nomad MKII. There is much to garner interest as the fragmentation of snapshots of discovery are coalesced.

From their recent ten track LP – The Wrath of Urvah Khan – here is Things Fall Apart.


The Wrath of Urvah Khan – URVah Khan is available on iTunes*.

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Gordon Duthie – Digital Virus – video

I had a chat with Gordon Duthie way back in February this year having a conversation about the conceptual thinking behind his then forthcoming LP Multimedia Monster.

Gordon Duthie - Cover art for Multimedia Monster

Gordon Duthie – Cover art for Multimedia Monster

Sadly – as regular readers of the old website Indie Bands Blog know, after four years of good service it is falling over pretty well everyday and that interview and precursor to the release is slightly more difficult to find.

More importantly, due to the hiatus I completely missed the release of the LP.

Here is the interview.

and here is Digital Virus from the LP.

Multimedia Monster – Gordon Duthie is available on iTunes.*

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David Rovics – the banned PRISM tour

David Rovics, who readers of the site will recall is a singer who takes a sharp angle on political issues around the world. I had the opportunity to catch up with him half an hour ago on a Skype interview while he languishes in a hotel in Narita Airport.

David Rovics - a musician from the USA

David Rovics

He talks about possible reasons for New Zealand not allowing him entry and the latest news on the Australian leg of the twelve country tour. David will be performing via skype at The Free House in Nelson in New Zealand this evening.

While he has been hanging around in a hotel David Rovics created a new song – Spies Are Reading My Blog.


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