Vestige is the alt-indie duo from Portsmouth in England of Lewis Brown and Paul Matthews.

Vestige - alt-indie from England


Glittering guitar with a shoegazey feel shimmers across the room whilst a resounding anchor of percussion firmly tethers the music into the ground as a vocal draws the heart out of the material. The compositions are superbly structured and Vestige produce a sound I could happily stay with for some considerable time.

The tracks have a depth and lustre to them which glides easily around the head in a warming flow of sound. These are talented music creators with a fine ear for detail which they can convert to delivery, allowing the audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in some top-notch compositions.

Of good fortune is the fact that the duo have just released their début ten track eponymous release. I am still pondering the concept that there are only two players in the band as Vestige build huge pieces of music, which they deliver with the deft-hand of a five piece out-fit. The only consternation being that these creations won’t transfer to stage with just the two players, so it will be interesting to see if they make the transition from the studio with a permanently expanded line-up.

However it develops, I wish Vestige every success and hope to be able to follow their progress for some considerable time. I raise a glass to their self-evident abilities and thank them for adding much to the world of music.


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Zoo from Kolkata in India is the alt-synth quartet of Tanya Sen (Vocals / Soundscapes), Bodhisattwa Ghosh (Programming / Synthesizers / Guitars), Bijit Bhattacharya (Bass) and Rohit Nandi (Drums / Interference).

Zoo - alt-synth from India


The depth of riches with which Zoo invests their sounds finds the music undulating around the room as though on a thermal current, as the combinations of instruments and electronics provide the audience with thick pile wool carpets in which to wriggle their toes.

Although having been around for a few years, it was only this month that their début seven track release Atoms & Combinations appeared. They have used their developmental period to put out a first release which does them considerable credit.

Zoo build their sounds through waves of coalescing inputs, which gives the music multifarious textures for the listener to consider. Although layered, the out-put is delivered in a way that gives it an immediate accessibility. The band produce sounds which are more jacket and chinos than ripped t-shirts, but they are not asking the audience to sip dainty cocktails, producing tunes which work well at a chilled out sunset party overlooking the beach.

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White Reaper

White Reaper is the new-wave trio of Tony Esposito (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Wilkerson (Drums) and Sam Wilkerson (Bass) from Louisville in the USA.

White Reaper - new wave from the USA

White Reaper

Stripping away all the unessential elements White Reaper deliver up-tempo garage rock with the seasoned ability of a well established out-fit and bearing in mind they only formed less than a year ago and have already released a must have six track eponymously named EP, expect to hear much more of the trio in the future.

The native rawness of the songs draws instant attraction and White Reaper grab hold of the audience and hurl them around the room in a frenzy of activity and like a trained boxer, the punches land with precision to the mid-riff in a flurry. The listener needs do nothing other than turn up the volume as the body will naturally kick in to join the sounds with flailing arms and pogo jumps.

The influences are clear to hear and White Reaper would have perfectly in tune as CBGBS, but that doesn’t make them a pale imitation of what has gone before, as they carve out their own name in the woodblock with well timed and played music of relevance to the second decade of the 21st Century.

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White Reaper – EP – White Reaper is available on iTunes*.

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EndAnd – Much And More About Everything – Video

EndAnd from the USA were introduced by Robbie, back in May of last year.

EndAnd - Fun Times With Shitty People - artwork

EndAnd – Fun Times With Shitty People – artwork

A new six track release Fun Times With Shitty People comes out as a cassette on the 19th August. Track two on the release is Much And More About Everything.

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The Urchins

The Urchins from Glasgow in Scotland is the alt-indie band of Steven O’Neill (Vocals), Simon Regan (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Chrissy O’Neill (Lead Guitar), Martyn Regan (Drums), Jonny Carroll (Bass).

The Urchins - alt-indie from Scotland

The Urchins

It was back in March that I first took a look at The Urchins with a review of their début single I Feel A Fall Coming, with a comment I would come back with some thoughts about the band when more music was available. In the intervening few months there have been numerous demo tracks and a constant evolution of sound. An expanded line-up has found the band develop a far wider breadth of influence, which is reflected in the resulting tracks.

Whilst there is a constancy of reflectivity of the trammels of daily living with an ever present solid bass / percussion layer which retains prominence, The Urchins are extending their repertoire in a range of styles as they explore ideas. The pace has been slowed and the tracks, which now have more scope to travel with the additional players, are written around the melodies which give the out-put an impressive confidence.

It will be of some interest to see where the sound finally focuses and I look forward to hearing much more of The Urchins in the none too distant future.

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