NOIRE – Those Days – Audio

NOIRE – a band from Australia formed earlier this year.



Finding a space both in the live circuit and in the studio Noire have just released their third single – Those Days.

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Those Days – Single – Noire is available on iTunes*.

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Lifecycle from London in England is the world-beat trio of Geoffrey Dent (Guitar / Vocals) Letitia Austin (Bass) and Nick Holder (Drums).

Lifecycle - world-beat from England


Melting influences spanning continents and decades the alchemists of Lifecycle return with golden treasure that liquefies the body into a rhythmic dance. Bass loops into the soul whilst the percussion plays the conductor to which guitar gently teases as the vocal, that is subsumed and partially distorted, adds a hallmark to the ingot and were that not enough the pieces are polished by the gentle cloth of electronics which imperceptibly add a lustre to the whole out-put.

Experienced musicians, who have drifted in and out of each others company for a long-while they have an eight track LP – Lino Cosmos set to appear on the 27th October. Versed in live-performance, they have been able to transpose the anxieties and fragilities of the stage to studio production making for an album you will not only want to get hold of, but one to pull out every-time you have a late evening party.

Infusing progressive rock and psychedelia with early hip-hop and thoughts from across the globe Lifecycle is able to deliver music that has the ability to hold attention in a hubbub of multifarious conversations and find conglomerations involuntary swaying their body with the infectious beats.


Lino Cosmos is available on bandcamp.

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Isvisible from Douglas in the Isle Of Man is an experimental-drone solo project.



Before hitting play ensure you have plenty of time to listen to Isvisible. A prolific creator of experimental electronica with seventeen LPs, encompassing one hundred and thirty two compositions and – released this month – a ten track retrospective, all from a standing start in April of last year.

The sounds bend their way around the head in loops and divergences which entrance the mind as tempo and temperament shifts throughout the pieces, which can extend from around the three minute mark to well in excess of ten.

Although the compositions are testing new waters, there is a calmness to the sounds which makes for tracks which have a surprising semanticity, despite being bereft of vocal.

It would be possible to write far more, but it is best heard to appreciate the spacious kaleidoscope that is Isvisible.


The retrospective is available on bandcamp.

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