Delphina Kings – I’m Numb – Video

The English indie-rock quartet Delphina Kings release the EP Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work on the 6th of July.

Delphina Kings

Delphina Kings

A purring fuzz of guitar slips through the ears as Delphina Kings ease the listener to late ’80s indie with the never ending merge of the notes folding one in to the other and the listener finds themselves fondly recalling the Haçienda and the spirit of madchester.

The first of the four songs on the EP is the somewhat appropriately named I’m Numb.


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Kanen Seth – Good Times – Audio

The US mellow-rock project Kanen Seth released the Doubleplusgood EP on the 23rd.

Kanen Seth

Kanen Seth

A five track EP (available on bandcamp) of varying textures with a disparate series of strings coming out to play enabling each of the five tracks to pivot around an idea of its own, while all held in to a cohesive thread by the soft focus melodies.

The second track is Good Times.

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Kahone Concept – Cathectic – Audio

Kahone Concept is the indie-dance project of Ben Orrvick from the USA.

Kahone Concept

Kahone Concept

The most recent EP to surface, the appositely named five track release – and then, my five – belies the reality of there only being one person, as each song brings something quite different to the table.

A little towards the mainstream of the ‘popular template’ end of the scale for my regular fare, however the piece I did particularly enjoy – the second on the EP – Cathectic – reveals more of what really is underneath the shiny veneer and well worth adding to the collection in its own right, even if, as in my case on its own.

I wish Ben, in or out of the guise Kahone Concept, every future good fortune as there is much to add to the rich weave of the tapestry of music, though, I may not get round to a follow-up article to this one.


And Then, My Five – EP – Kahone Concept is available on iTunes.*

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herbal tea – kitchen floor (4am) – Single Review

The English lofi project herbal tea released the single kitchen floor (4am) yesterday.

herbal tea

herbal tea

Introduced as one half of Sleep Radio, Helena Walker, in the guise of herbal tea, is able to trace NREM patterns of the brain in the hazy slowly rotating tracks, of which there are only two.

kitchen floor (4am) (available on bandcamp) initially meanders through the room in threads of guitar and vocal, gradually and almost imperceptibly transitioning to a keys led composition, adding to the muzzy mellowness of the song and a testament to the strength of songwriting in being able to completely change shape and atmosphere in the space of three and two thirds minutes without the listener ever being consciously being aware.

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Fatal Casualties – No Heaven – Video

The Swedish coldwave duo Fatal Casualties are working towards a new LP release.

Fatal Casualties - No Heaven

Fatal Casualties

Their ability to create music of current relevance without ever straying from their early influences of synth-rock when first starting out back in 1986 has served Fatal Casualties well over the years. The first track to appear from the forthcoming album – No Heaven – continues that heritage of theirs.

Each time Fatal Casualties disappear from view for a while, it is easy to contemplate that they may well be taking another two decade break as they did between 1991 and 2010, rather than busying themselves with writing and recording a new LP.

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