AciD – Never On My Mind – Audio

The US mod trio AciD release the LP The In Part Of The Out Crowd on the 7th of September.

AciD - photo by Jenny Vickers

AciD – photo by Jenny Vickers

The retrospective concentrate of the tracks lifts the listener immediately to south coast summer beaches of England in the ’60s with scooters, parkas and dark sunglasses spoiling for a rumble with rockers.

Taught drumskin allows percussion to ping across the room like a dart, the bubbling bass gives the countenance of an ill-temper brewing just under the surface while compacted guitar occasionally stretches the strings as though a snarling dog looking to slip the leash with the laid-back vocal which reverberates in to an elongated sneer gives the music an unexpected, though goes some way in identifying the source of the name of the band, beatnik tincture.

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which contains numerous highlights – with Never On My Mind – the third song – being my pick of the release. A song which pulls to memory something else, which I can’t quite bring to the forefront of my mind to name, though you may well recall immediately.


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King Catcher – Do You Like It? – Single Review

King Catcher, the English nu-disco duo surfaced with their latest track on the 16th.

King Catcher - Do You Like It? - artwork

King Catcher – Do You Like It? – artwork

On each occasion I become aware of new material by King Catcher the feeling is similar to turning out the light to dress while randomly plucking items of clothing from the rails of a fancy-dress shop and on each occasion being delighted by the wacky wardrobe, which may be bright and spangly, tight and dayglo or smooth and muted.

This time around – the attire is of flared trousers, tailored suit-coat and neon baseball boots as Do You Like It? stretches through the room in wave of sartorial elegance prior to dissolving in to a number inviting the listener to step on to the under-lighting of the dance-floor and groove away the day.

Yourself, what about you, Do You Like It?.

Do You Like It? – Single – King Catcher is available on iTunes.*

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Lou Terry – Colours – Audio

Lou Terry is a melancholic-rock creator from England.

Lou Terry

Lou Terry

Despite having received notification of the EP Week of Bees, which came out at the tail end of last week and is available on bandcamp, early last month – once again I am late – my apologies.

I am, however, able to indulge in and obviate my sadness for the delay – the acoustics that slide around the room akin to dark clouds blowing in-front of a bright sun, bringing a despondency and chill, which is followed, as is often the case with music of dour countenance by a sense of enthused appreciation for all as the gloom clears once again to reveal the warmth.

Colours, my pick of the release, is the first of the four tracks.

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Sugarcane – One Specific Thing – Audio

Sugarcane is an English bossa-blend collaborative project centred around Robin French.



The first song to surface – One Specific Thing – indicates of future collaborations that will include not just musicians rather also those primarily pursuing other avenues. This featuring, perhaps unsurprisingly given Robin also screen-writes the vocals of someone with a background in acting – Antonia Thomas.

One Specific Thing, which guides the listener across the dance-floor with its intoxicating mix of Latino, French and Caribbean, with a twist of the midlands of England suggests that the forthcoming début EP will be one to add to the collection on arrival.

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Justin Yates – Change – Audio

The US acoustic-folk creator Justin Yates released the LP Friend on the 13th.

Justin Yates

Justin Yates

The seven track album, available on bandcamp, alternates between instrumental and vocal giving a wistful pondering countenance to the roughly twenty minutes release.

An unexpected voice, which has a boy-band timbre, marries comfortably with the intricacies of guitar with my pick of the release being the antepenultimate song – Change.


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