RIVE – Fauve – Video

From Brussels (Belgium) the dreamwave duo of Juliette Bossé (Guitar / Keys / Vocals) and Kévin Mahé (Drums / Electronica) who perform as RIVE will be releasing their début LP – Narcose – on the 1st of March 2019.


The first track to surface from the album – Fauve – indicates of an album that will cosset the listener in softly spaced silken layers of immersive synthetics rounded by a mesmerising vocal that holds the mind transfixed.

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Fleshless – Expelled – Audio

The quartet of Vladimir (Vocals), Michal (Guitar), Luděk (Guitar) and Vitys (Drums) who form the death metal band Fleshless, from Děčín (Czech Republic), released the LP Doomed on the 15th.

Fleshless - Photo by Rafal Kotylak
Fleshless – Photo by Rafal Kotylak

An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) which finds a point of differentiation in a crowded genre by paring back the growling vocal from the spotlight to the footlights which enables the interplay of frenetic percussion to interplay with the foiling guitars to take centre stage thereby giving the music a more balanced and expressive foothold.

The fifth track is Expelled.


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The Candescents – Wet Tuesday – Single Review

The quartet of Alex Harris, Alex von Lehmden, Miguel Alfredo Acero III, Cody von Lehmden from Columbus (USA) who form the indie-suede band The Candescents released the single Wet Tuesday on the 11th.

The Candescents - photo by Aysia Marotta
The Candescents – photo by Aysia Marotta

Dial down the stresses of daily life to the creamy flow of Wet Tuesday as the trouser hems of guitar shuffle through the room accompanied by an expressive and expansive vocal which is able to skip through rising and dropping stanzas with alacrity while the extensive use of softly brushed cymbals add to the dream-like composition as bass swoops in and out of focal point while bass-drum maintains a steadying hand to the composition.

Wet Tuesday – Single – The Candescents is available on iTunes.*


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Serrabulho – Pito Sem Penas – Audio

The quartet of Carlos Guerra (Vocals / Sampling), Paulo Ventura (Guitar / Vocals), Guilhermino Martins (Bass / Sampling / Vocals) and Ivan Saraiva (Drums) from Vila Real (Portugal) who form the alt-metal band Serrabulho released the LP Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy) yesterday.


An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) which has something of the theatre of the absurd about it with the mélange of disney cartoon snips, screaming hardcore and sampled human and animal sounds being sellotaped in to each other as though someone has cut through a reel to reel tape and put it back together in a random sequence. 

Consequentially this will divide the listeners between those who will immediately reach for the off switch and those reaching for the volume increase button, that I am suggesting you spend time in their company alerts you to my speaker system playing at full volume.

In addition to instruments / percussion listed a plethora of others including bagpipes, rabel and radufe feature as well as additional musicians to the members who form the band – in the roughly thirty eight minutes of the LP.

 Pito Sem Penas is the fourth track.

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Freedom Candlemaker – Astral Body – Audio

Freedom Candlemaker , the trippy-funk project from the Republic Of Cyprus, is set to release the début LP Beaming Light in February 2019.

Freedom Candlemaker - Astral Body
Freedom Candlemaker

A couple of tracks have surfaced from the album, the most recent of which – Astral Body – was released as a standalone single yesterday.

A song marked by the contrasts between the distinctive falsetto vocal, pulsing beat and elasticated synth which creates a multi-layered dynamism to the tripped out composition.

Αstral Body – Single – Freedom Candlemaker is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.