Salvatore Manalo – Rolling – Audio

The US RnB creator Salvatore Manalo released the EP Salvatore on the 11th.

Salvatore Manalo

Salvatore Manalo

For reasons I am unable to fathom, I do seem to be in a slip-slide mood these past few hours with yet another smooth-groove feature rather than the normal bristling styles of music that predominately features, though I guess we all need down time on occasion and the delight of music is the moment in to which it fits emotionally.

From the five track EP (available directly from Salvatore Manalo) the second song Rolling.


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Maxwell Cabana – Texas – Single Review

The US soul-groove outfit Maxwell Cabana released the single Texas on the 12th.

Maxwell Cabana - photo credit - @jacobdysinger

Maxwell Cabana – photo credit – @jacobdysinger

Texas is a tad over five minutes song of dipping hips and smooth groove that washes the room in mellow tones in which the listener becomes interwoven with the snaking guitar that flickers through the ears with a luscious layering of subtle synth forming a soft foam which balances a teetering jazz rhythm bass and drum kit while the vocal slithers in and out of focus.

Although not a song to pull out at the start of a party evening, Texas (which is available on bandcamp) is an essential for the playlist for when the mood starts to drift towards partners canoodling in quiet corners.


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Snakeoil Salesmen – Convicts & Catholics – Audio

The English smugglers-rock creator Matt Couch who performs as Snakeoil Salesmen releases the EP Snakeoil Salesmen II on the 31st.

Snakeoil Salesmen

Snakeoil Salesmen

Music which is steeped in sea-shanty and folklore tipples out of the speakers when taking a listen to the back catalogue and on the basis of the one song I have heard of the four on the EP (available on bandcamp) I anticipate more of the same vein.

Convicts & Catholics, the opening track, skips through the room in flighty rock’n’roll guise finding the audience dancing alongside the scathing lyric, yet not flummoxed by the contrasts of sound and sentiment.

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The Hugs – Friends Can Break Your Heart – Audio

The US meltwave quartet, The Hugs, will release the three track single New Utopia on the 14th of February.

The Hugs

The Hugs

I can think of no more appropriate date than Valentines Day for the release of New Utopia as, akin to the name of the band, the audience needs to be listening to the middle track of the single –  Friends Can Break Your Heart (available on bandcamp) – whilst hugging someone or something to fully immerse themselves in the flowing frequencies which cover the room in sweetly scented soft-pink rose petals.

Even given the song title and lyrical content Friends Can Break Your Heart is a composition that plucks at the heart-strings in the romance laden dreamscape.


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Dana Williams – There You Go – Single Review

Dana Williams is a US alt-folk creator.

Dana Williams - photo credit @burntcornbread

Dana Williams – photo credit @burntcornbread

The most recent song to be released There You Go – which came out on the 12th – is a beguiling tapestry of dampened acoustic guitar which lays as a mellow backdrop to a voice which the listener wishes they could carry in their head each and every day and pull out whenever frustration with the world around arises, to calm the moment.

The sparkling clarity and range of the vocal finds the audience cocking their head, akin to an attentive puppy, whilst allowing the washes of the voice to circle the room.

If there is any justice remaining in the music industry, Dana Williams, will find a break to become a household name across wide geography.


There You Go – Single – Dana Williams is available on iTunes.*

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