Audio Wrestling Association

Audio Wrestling Association is the relatively new baleful-rock duo of Tim Beckett (Guitar / Vocals) and Sachin Sharma (Bass / Vocals) from Ashton-Under-Lyne in England.

Audio Wrestling Association - baleful-rock from England

Audio Wrestling Association

I have but one sadness when I was sent the introduction of Audio Wrestling Association and that is there is only one song to hear – Scratched. As you will note from the image above – a five string bass – how could I not be enamoured?

Compacting acoustic guitar with slack bass and superbly pitched half-spoken seamlessly split-vocal Scratched, which needs to be played on full volume and maximum sub-woofer to enjoy the extra string to its maximum, takes the listener on an almost four minute excoriation of the inner workings of the mind. Reflecting on broken promises, which is delivered in the bass-line, alongside the acoustic six stringer that accepts with shrugged shoulder, positing ‘such is life’ as the vocal expostulates the dichotomies. Audio Wrestling Association consists of two deft musicians able to wring the most out of the minimum and an exemplar of the adage – less is more.

With some fortune, the dearth of tracks will be quickly rectified. If perchance you happen to be in Manchester (England) and find Audio Wrestling Association on the billing – scratch any other plans you have for the evening.

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