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Last featured in November with their one and only début track the English baleful-rock duo Audio Wrestling Association return with some new material.

Audio Wrestling Association - Never Letting Go

Audio Wrestling Association

A couple of tracks surfaced this week  – I sense a Fibonacci sequence gone wrong here, as, instead of 1,1,2 we find 1,2,(x)? which with some fortune perhaps means that the next number will be a four track EP coming next as Audio Wrestling Association are a duo to be taken in large quaffs.

Combinations of analogue and acoustic keys now feature in the output, which sometimes features drum kit other times not with the addition of five string bass – let me repeat that again – five string bass – how could I not ask you to be engaged with my favourite instrument with extra expression – oh and guitar and vocal.

Their decision to add more orchestration and loose the percussion in Never Letting Go is not lost as it gives the music greater journeys to travel, yet equally able to undertow the misery of the ’10s though the compositions.

Those of longer endurance will be minded to reference Ashley Reaks and if we can find these two entities on a live billing one is assured of a fleet of ambulances turning up to the venue to deal with self inflicted wounds. Music is meant to move and Audio Wrestling Association not only pay the bill they leave a hefty tip for the audience.

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