Atlanter from Oslo in Norway is an alt blues band comprising Jens CareliusArild HammerøMorten Kvam and Jonas Barsen Johnsen.

Atlanter is an alt blues band from Norway.


There is an unmistakeable Scandinavian pitch to the sounds which encompass influences from across the globe as Atlanter delivers incredibly busy instrumental that sit inside an ethereal framework. The combination of which flashes around the head in a triumphant parade.

The band clearly sets out to inject a feeling of movement and fluidity in the music and this extends to their recordings, which avoid a rehearsed sound and this technique brings the songs to life and ensures that the audience has a sense of engagement and relationship with the out-put.

Atlanter is a relatively new out-fit their enthusiasm and belief in their creation shines through brightly. Their musicianship is tested within the complex layers of the tracks, but the players are more than capable of handling the shifting landscape in which they play.

A recent release (12th August) the nine track LP – Vidde – is a fascinating start to a band who maintain the perception that much of the most inventive sounds, which simultaneously are readily accessible, are continuing to emerge from this area of Northern Europe.


Vidde – Atlanter is avaliable on iTunes*.

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