Astral Trip

Astral Trip is the bass-rock duo of Haydn Wilcox (Bass / Vocals) and Nick Millbank (Drums) from Bradford in England.

Astral Trip - bass-rock from England

Astral Trip – bass-rock from England

To maximise value of Astral Trip – turn up the volume, turn up the bass – boost the sub-woofers and tone down everything else. You will find yourself rewarded by walls bending and a bones rattling in sympathy. The simplicity of four strings and a frenetic drum-kit are taken to extremis by the duo who deliver music that claws the entrails.

Astral Trip is, as a regular reader you well know, something that will hit my spot as lower extremities of the octave ranges are the essence of the sound. Accompany this with a scant disregard for political hyperbole in the so called ‘hot-spot’ of racial tension in the UK – in the mind of geo-political mainstream media and Politicians seeking to gain advantage through splintering. How could I not other than recommend you to spend time with a duo who reflect of discordance and disconnection from the mainstream?

The furrows of intransigence scarify the audience with harrying brushes of contempt.

I look forward to hearing more from Astral Trip, formed this year, who still haven’t managed to get round to more than two images – you have them both on this article – one above – the other below, but have already managed to surface with a six track eponymous LP (which is available on bandcamp).

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